Free Mac App To Snap Up Your Entire File Sizes

GrandPerpectiveFeeling like running out of space in your Mac hard disk? Do you want to know which files take the most space of your hard drive? I use GrandPerspective to locate files and their sizes, so I can delete or move to external drive to free up some hard disk space. GrandPerspective is a small utility application that graphically shows your individual/group/folder sizes. I found it very useful to keep my Mac hard disk clean from unwanted & giant files. This app scans my 256-GB SSD reasonably quick. I am not sure if it because I use an SSD. I haven’t tried this app before I changed my hard disk to SSD. If you have used  this app with your Mac using HDD or SSD,  please share your experience in comment section below.

Note: I upgraded my Macbook HDD to SSD using Samsung 840 Pro series. I like the changes so far, really feel the speed of SSD. I haven’t had chance to review the SSD.

What I like from GrandPerspective?

  • It’s free
  • Light and fast
  • Show graphically of your individual file or folder sizes

Where to download the app? You can get it from the sourceforge or google it to download from different locations